Why Write

This is a question I find myself mulling over most of the time, chewing the concept between my molars like the gritty green texture of uncooked kale. I’ve grown to love its unique flavor, and I know its good for me, so why do I skip over it so often at the store? Perhaps its because everyone else knows what to do with a bag or a bundle..I just want a taste here and there. After all- waste not, want not.

But then.. I’m beginning to see that no piece of writing is a waste of time.

Okay, so forgive me for my kale analogies, and let me introduce you to my humble blog. Ricocheting Rambles, a name brought forth by the concept of sending bits of my life through written word out into the world. No matter how far I send my thoughts, I know that they will come back to me in some form. Sometimes it will be through comments and responses, discussions based around thoughts. But more often than not, the act of tangibly recording my thoughts will come back to my own self. Though it may be days, weeks, months, and years later, having found a home for my thoughts in sentence structure, I can reflect and learn where I have grown or what I have forgotten.

I have to admit, that naming my blog has always held me back a bit. I needed the name to be motivating, to come naturally. And I rather like this one, so let’s see if it retains its inspiration!