The curious 20’s..’16

My top new years resolution this year is to stop working so much. To spend more of my time doing the things I love, with the people I love, including myself. To spend more time listening, and noticing things.

Just barely into my mid-twenties, I cannot believe how much I have learned in this decade of my life. The jaded teenager I was stepping into these years, has learned forgiveness and what real love seems to feel like- not always rainbows, but always fertile soil.

Right now, I find the juxtapositions that life offers me to be lessons in humility, and not fear. Writing this blog from a Motel 8 while I wait for my housing to be ready, I  just realized I share the building with those whom I work with and serve at the shelter. There is so little to physically separate our existence at this moment, but the luck of circumstance to remind me how much I have to be grateful for.

I used to avoid mirrors and cameras, afraid of what they would reveal to me. Now, I find myself looking..hoping for a glimpse of what I’ve learnt through the compassion and patience of those around me.  What I don’t find in appearance, I find in acceptance. I can appreciate who I am and how I got here, though I believe no child should have to experience the same.

Its New Years Day. I’m tired, and must work in the morning. But I felt the urge to return to this blog, which has not been forgotten, but simply not prioritized. I hope that this year, my loved ones, like myself, can realize that what they love is important, and that sharing their thoughts, through which ever mediums might suffice, is crucial, and so incredibly valuable.

Warmest wishes on this symbolic restart. With love, Kara



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