The Foe be a..

As you glance away,
I take the opportunity
To cup my hands
And scoop up the entity
of pain
You left in front of me.
Bending my elbows
I draw it into me
And slow.
Here it sits
Encased in the
Of my palms: Fluttering

As you return your gaze
Words continuing
to slide off your teeth,
I’m only half listening,
Catching cues that tell me
When to nod or
murmer agreement.

Worry has traveled up my legs
And is now
tickling my spine
The concern tells me
the longer I
hold on,
The more likely
I am
to release this being

You haven’t noticed this
My primary focus
on getting
outside the present,
Where I can
this pain that resists
the confines
Of my skin,
And study it in the light.

You haven’t noticed,
Because I don’t want you too.
And you don’t want to either.

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