Fucked Like No Other 12/29/17

“You fuck me better than anyone else ever has. ”

She says,

And as instantly as my ego’s mouth

opens up to swallow the delicious words,

my heart pounds my chest

into a vulnerable cavity.

It recalls why it hurts

to hear these words,

even though my mouth has gone dry

with the thirst for them.


She has taken them away before.


Timing, age, hormone fluctuations:

there were always alternate explanations offered.

And while the subjective truth

is that it was likely

done for protection..

The sting remains.

Constantly doing the work to accept

my own feelings,

then being made to wonder

if I was just being




It is a curse at times

to read

others, and wonder whether their words will

find their body’s message.

Or if fear will prevent the delivery,

and suffocate the possibility.

Finally offered a drink in this heat,


tongue couldn’t figure out how to


But I had already absorbed her into

my hollows.


Now, I sit and contemplate

fears we both harbor:

Her fear


whether my hunger

will outgrow her

ability to satiate.

My fear,

A sexual awakening of self

that could lead her backwards,

or perhaps forwards,

into this decade of desire.

Our fear,

that we become too significant to the other.

Our fear,

that the others passion,

is purely circumstantial.



There has been no denying

the strength of this connection.

It cannot be ignored.

It is too warm

to not take up space,

too obvious in the way my body melts,

too resilient in the way it fears

not taking this risk.



Love’s Purest Reaction.

We are both fucked.




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